Author: Thanh Rasico

Pan Seared Ribeye

The greatest lesson I ever learned about ribeye steaks came from a butcher in the meat department of a grocery store in Little Rock, AR. He pointed to the outer rim of a ribeye steak in his counter, and said, “This is the one you want.” I noticed the outer […]


Single Layer Vegan Vanilla Cake

This is a small batch dessert recipe, which I love because we don’t eat a lot of sweets in our house, so when we crave it, we can make a little without letting the rest go to waste! My seventeen year old daughter often sends me vegan recipes on Instagram […]


Crispy Fish Tacos + Chipotle Crema

Oh hey there! How is the back-to-school season looking for you and your family? It’s been busy, busy, busy around here! The kids have commandeered our computers for in-person learning, lunch and hallways are very socially distanced, and there is constant hand sanitizing all day at the high school! One […]


Instant Pot Yogurt

In my research, I’ve found that there are two ways to make Instant Pot yogurt. The first time I tried it, I had to heat the milk to a certain temperature, then cool it to a certain temperature. And I wasn’t even sure if a meat thermometer was precise enough […]

Vietnamese Steak Salad

I am a steak lover. A very picky one. And after years of eating great steak in restaurants all around the country, I’ve chosen my favorite cut to cook at home. It’s the Flat Iron steak, which I’ve featured in today’s post. This is my adaptation of Bò Lúc Lac, […]

Enchilada Casserole

Enchiladas never appealed to me before. My interest was piqued when a blogger friend in Portland made a meatball recipe with enchilada sauce. I wondered if I was missing out on something. Indeed, I had been. My husband loved it. I could tell he wondered what the catch was. Why […]


Bean Thread Salad

This is a type of salad that you can serve warm or cold. Bean thread noodles are also known as glass noodles or clear noodles. I love them because they’re inexpensive, versatile, and they soak up sauce deliciously! I often serve mine either as a side with duck breast, or […]


Seared Duck Breast

To make the perfect seared duck breast, I score the skin very delicately so that I don’t cut into the meat. I typically marinate the breast in a sesame ginger soy concoction, then I pat the duck breast dry before adding it to a very hot pan. I like my […]

Shrimp Spring Rolls

We love spring rolls! Filled with shrimp, duck breast, or flat iron steak with thin noodles and fresh herbs, they’re like hand held salads wrapped in a thin, soft rice paper wrap. Then dipped in a spicy, garlicky, lime dipping sauce, they go fast! You can order these at a […]


Gianna & Sasha

My daughters are currently 16 and 14. We are in our ninth month living in the Dallas, Texas area. We’ve been exploring the area, and so far, our favorite thing to do in the North Dallas area (Frisco, Plano, Allen) is in the Legacy West and Shops at Legacy area. […]