Instant Pot Yogurt

In my research, I’ve found that there are two ways to make Instant Pot yogurt. The first time I tried it, I had to heat the milk to a certain temperature, then cool it to a certain temperature. And I wasn’t even sure if a meat thermometer was precise enough to use in this case! So, when I found out that I had a yogurt button on my Instant Pot that heats to a very specific temperature, I was thrilled. I had discovered what people call the Instant Pot Cold Start Yogurt.

You need two very important things to make this. First, you need ultra-filtered milk. I always use Fairlife 2% milk. It is lactose free, and I like that it is full of protein with less sugar than regular milk. I hate milk. I forced it down when I was younger, in hopes of getting taller. But I’m still just under five feet tall. But I love yogurt.

The second very important thing you need to make Instant Pot Cold Start Yogurt is yogurt with LIVE AND ACTIVE CULTURES. I use a nonfat plain brand every time. This is called a starter. A lot of yogurt brands out there add a lot of sugar, which I’m not a huge fan of. I grew up with very little sugar in my diet, and I don’t crave it. Except in its natural form in fruit. So that’s why I make my own yogurt. Also because I’m obsessed with the outcome of its transformation from 2 tablespoons of yogurt to a whole pot full. It’s very satisfying ya’ll.

There’s so much you can do with yogurt. You can eat it for breakfast with organic frozen wild blueberries like I do, you can have it for a snack with some granola, you can bake muffins with it when your bananas get too ripe, and you can freeze it with frozen blended fruit to give it a vibrant flavor.

I also have a great appreciation of glass jars. I went through a big phase of avoiding plastic, and I love having a fridge full of homemade stuff. I’m hoping that my two daughters will absorb this and follow in my footsteps. So I’m almost always making something in my kitchen everyday. It’s how I grew up. Looking back, I remember so many skills my mom taught me in the kitchen. She really knew what she was doing. From my own experience, I’ve had the opportunity to chat with many chefs who were classically trained at culinary schools form New York, Chicago, San Francisco, from Anthony Bourdain. And I’ve met chefs who worked their way up to Top Chef and Iron Chef by learning to cook in a kitchen in a restaurant. The total experience of it all has been my greatest inspiration to make good food for my family and friends.


  • 52 ounces Fairlife milk, full or 2% fat

  • 2 tbsp nonfat plain yogurt with live & active cultures


  • In a small bowl, add the yogurt to one cup of the milk and whisk to dissolve.
  • Pour into your Instant Pot. Add the rest of the milk and whisk again.
  • Cover. (Sealing is not required.) Press yogurt button. You will see the timer light up 00:00 and it will count up to the 8 hours instead of the usual countdown like when you’re pressure cooking. When it is finished, you will hear it beep and display the Yogt in red.
  • Remove the inner pot, cover, refrigerate overnight, then divide into jars. Label the current date to 10-14 days out.

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